• Organised by Maharashtra State Branch of IRIA Imaging: Always & forever.
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Scientific Program

Day 1-Friday - 15.09.2017
Interventional Radiology
1 02.00-02.30 Spectrum -- Vascular Venous Intervention Dr S Khajindar
202.30-03.00Neuro Intervention Dr Ravi Kamble
3 03.00-03.30 Endovascular Arterial Interventions Dr S Khajindar
403.30-04.00Spinal & Neck Interventions Dr Ravi Kamble
Imaging in Rectal Cancer
04:15-04:30Introduction Dr Karthik Ganesan
1 04.30-05.00 Imaging Techniques
205.00-05.30Pre-Treatment Assessment
3 05:30-06:00 Response Assessment to Long Course CCRT
406.00-06.30Liver Metastasis-Hepatic Imaging

Day 2-Saturday-16.09.2017
1 09.00-09.30 Neck Spaces Dr Varsha Joshi
209.30-10.00Cervical Nodes - Approach Dr Angha Joshi
3 10.00-10.30 Imaging Larynx Dr Varsha Joshi
410.30-11.00Imaging in Polytrauma Body Dr Angha Joshi
511.15-11.45Pediatric Chest Dr S.K Joshi
6 11.45-12.15 Mediastinal Mass-Approach Dr Anand Hatgaonkar
712.15-12.45Chest Imaging in ICU Set up Dr Angha Joshi
8 12.45-01.15 USG Orbit Dr S K Joshi
902:00-02.30Current Concept in Renovascular Doppler Dr Sudhir Gokhale
1002:30-03.00Elementary HRCT Lungs Dr Anand Hatgaonkar
1103:30-04.00Imaging and Evaluation of Hematuria Dr Angha Joshi
1204:15-05.00Colour Doppler for Renal Dialysis Access Dr Sudhir Gokhale
1305:00-05.30Film Reading Session Dr S K Joshi
1405:30 onwardsQuiz Dr Aniruddha Kulkarni
Day 2-Saturday-16.09.2017 - Parallel Session
1 09.00-09.30 Acute Scrotum Dr Santosh Sabnis
209.30-10.00USG Cheek Dr S K Joshi
3 10.00-10.30 MRI in White Matter Disease Dr Ravi Kamble
410.30-11.00Hepato Biliary Interventions Dr S Khajindar
511.15-11.45Aortic Arch Anomaly Dr Kenjale C
6 11.45-12.15 Middle Ear and Mastoid Dr Varsha Joshi
712.15-12.45Hand as Mirror of Disease Dr Anand Hatgaonkar
8 12.45-1.15 Abdominal Wall Imaging Dr Sudhir Gokhale
903:30-05.30State Body Meeting
Day 3-Sunday-17.09.2017
109.30-10.00First Trimester Scan Beyond NT Dr Sudhir Gokhale
2 10.00-10.30 Fetal Echo- 4 Chamber View Dr Bimal Sahani
310.30-11.00Outflow Tract Abnormalities Dr Kenjale C
411.15-11.30Assessment of Fetal Growth Dr Bimal Sahani
5 11.30-12.00 Fetal Brain Anomalies-How to Demystify Dr T L N Praveen
7 12.30-01.00 Overview of Breast Imaging Dr Subhash Ramani
801.00-01.30Nipple Discharge Dr Yojana Nalawade
9 01.30-02.00 Digital Mammography-Overview & Experience Dr Varsha Kaginalkar
1003:00-03.30Holistic Approach to Ectopic Pregnancy Dr T L N Praveen
1103:30-04.00Sonography Assessment of Endometriosis Dr Sudhir Gokhale
1204:00-04.30Adnexal Mass IOTA Approach Dr T L N Praveen
1304:30-05.00Endometrial Cancer- Risk Classification Dr T L N Praveen
1405.00-05.30Post MTP Assessment on TVS Dr Aniruddha Kulkarni